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Why New Zealand Businesses Choose Portable Partitions

Enjoy the flexibility of an open plan design and the benefits of a closed office with our versatile room divider screens. Offering outstanding acoustic performance and requiring no costly or time-consuming installation, our room dividers can be used on virtually any flat, indoor surface to divide up your space in moments. 

Our products are designed for ultimate safety, and boast a lightweight yet durable design for easy operation without any heavy lifting. That means they can be used by anyone, anywhere, and at any time with minimal effort. 

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Get High-Quality Room Divider Screens at Cheap Prices

Choosing the right mobile panel room divider to suit your needs can be a tricky process. With so many styles, materials, and colours to choose from, you’ll need to carefully consider your needs and goals before it’s time to buy. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you make the right choice:

  • Sound-isolating or sound-dampening? What are your acoustic requirements?
  • What length does the partition need to be?
  • How portable do they need to be?
  • Will they be used in a room that’s prone to splashing and messes?
  • How much freedom do you need to customise your room?

Portable Room Dividers NZ: Fabric or Polycarbonate?

Our products come in two different materials: acoustic fabric or fluted polycarbonate. Your choice of material will depend on the acoustics of the room:

Fluted polycarbonate: This hard, medical-grade material is easy to wipe down and clean, making it a particularly popular option for dining areas or medical spaces. The polycarbonate panels are designed to reflect sound, meaning they offer no sound-dampening qualities but can help prevent noise from making its way to the other side of the partition.

Acoustic fabric: This soft, pinnable material absorbs sound to reduce perceived noise and reverberation, making it a fabulous choice for larger rooms that are prone to echoing. Fabric partitions have an NRC rating of roughly 0.5, though this will depend on the room, and the positioning of the screen. 

Sliding vs Folding Internal Room Dividers

Featuring 360° articulating hinges, our folding partitions are our most popular products as they can be positioned in almost any shape, meaning greater freedom to customise your space. 

If you’re limited on room and there’s not enough space for a folding screen to operate, a sliding divider may be a better fit. Boasting a simple, telescoping function, this style of partition can only be opened in a straight line, so they can neatly be extended between desks and other furniture with ease. 

Demountable or Freestanding?

The final question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether your partitions should be wall-mounted or freestanding. 

Our freestanding solutions are more popular because they can be moved anywhere in your building, offering greater freedom and flexibility. Our demountable partitions, on the other hand, need to be anchored to a wall at one end. While this limits how far you can move them, it also allows for a taller design, meaning greater coverage and better sound-isolating properties. 

How a Room Screen can Transform Your Space

Use a Room Divider Screen to Create ‘Zones’ for Different Work Styles

From kids at school to workers in an office, different people have different work styles. By ‘zoning’ your room for different activities and tasks, you can help support the unique needs and preferences of everyone using the space.

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Enhance Privacy with a Small, 3-Panel Room Divider

Working out in the open can be uncomfortable, noisy, distracting, and may even impact productivity. With our small, 3-panel dividers, you can offer a little extra privacy while blocking the view between desks to help create a more productive and enjoyable work environment. 

Create Fun Visual Displays for Schools, Restaurants, Offices, and More

Featuring soft, pinnable material on both sides, our fabric partitions can be used as fun visual displays, noticeboards, or even art walls. Photos, notices, events, and other items can be pinned directly to the surface, while the tip-resistant design means light objects can even be hung over the panels without the risk of toppling.

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Fast Shipping, Easy Setup, Endless Applications

Sent from our factory in Sydney to any location in New Zealand, our products should arrive at your door within just 10 business days.

We ship our partitions and screens in a partially-assembled state to cut down your shipping costs while ensuring your products arrive quickly and safely. Assembly takes just 5-30 minutes, depending on the style, and requires minimal tool-use and no building experience. 

All our partitions also come backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects so you can be confident they’re built to last. 

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