Classroom Partition Walls & Classroom Dividers

  • Divide large rooms into separate work and study zones
  • Minimise distractions to support student productivity
  • Display student work on classroom wall partitions
  • After use, fold your room dividers up for easy storage
School room dividers

Why Schools Choose Our Classroom Partitions

Quick and Reliable

We ship to anywhere in New Zealand and aim to deliver your products within 10 business days

3 Year Warranty

All our products come backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects

Easy to Use

Our screens are lightweight and highly portable for an easy setup without any heavy lifting

No Builders or Permits

The hassle-free assembly process means there’s no need for permits, builders, or costly installation

Versatile and Flexible

Highly configurable and boasting a ‘go-anywhere’ design, our screens are easy to set up, pack down, and store

Student-Safe Design

Sturdy, tip-resistant, and with frames featuring rounded edges, our screens are some of the safest on the market

Our Most Popular Dividers for Classrooms

Classroom Dividers: Maximising Space with Minimal Effort

360 Portable Room Divider Fabric
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
360 Degree Portable Room Divider Polycarbonate
  • 3-panel privacy screen
  • Folds up for convenient storage
  • Option for a wheel-mounted or frame-mounted design
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
Afford-A-Wall Folding Mobile Room Divider (Fabric)
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Both sides of the panels are covered in pinnable, sound-dampening fabric
From $1,305.00
Workstation Office Screen
  • Steel base adds stability
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, move, and store
  • Each panel is 1.78 m tall and 0.84m wide, with a 0.61m acrylic top panel for light passage and visibility
  • Colour Options are Beige, Charcoal, Cloud Grey, Navy Blue, and Red
From $452.60

Why Buy Classroom Dividers on Wheels?

Many schools operate on limited space and a tight budget, making it difficult to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.

Our classroom partitions give teachers the freedom to maximise space utilisation by customising any room in the school. Our wall partitioning solutions also offer outstanding acoustic performance while blocking out distracting sights and sounds so your students can work in peace. 

Our room dividers are made from sturdy yet lightweight materials and boast no-pinch seams and a tip-resistant design, making them a safer option for the classroom.

Freestanding Portable Partitions Create a More Flexible Learning Space

Our freestanding classroom divider walls can be rolled into virtually any space in moments. The highly configurable design means they can be used to create temporary classrooms, private study areas, collaboration spaces, or even portable dressing rooms for sports teams or performers. 

They’re also made from either sound-dampening fabric or sound-reflecting polycarbonate to help manage classroom noise.

Room Dividers on Wheels are Relatively Cheap

Low in cost but high in quality, our partitions come in two styles: freestanding partitions, or wall mounted dividers. Both can be assembled without a professional builder, saving you time and money on installation.

Our freestanding panels also make a fabulous option for spaces where permanent alterations are not an option.

Portable Room Dividers Pack Down Neatly After Use

Featuring either a telescoping design or flexible articulating hinges, our partitions are designed to fold up so they can be neatly packed away when not in use. The travel lock on the end panel means the partition wall will remain safely closed during transport, while the locking function on the wheels keeps them safely in position both when in use and when in storage.

Enhance Learning Spaces with Classroom Accordion Dividers and Sliding Partitions

Break Up Open Spaces with Large Classroom Dividers

Whether you’re dividing one large classroom into two smaller classrooms, or you’re looking to break up a gym into multi-purpose rooms, our partitions have got you covered. The lightweight and versatile design of our mobile walls means they can easily be opened up and pulled into position in moments for easy set up and pack-down.

Create Activity Areas with Classroom Room Dividers

During school events or after-school activities, it can be helpful to set up activity spaces where students can focus on the task at hand. During a fete, for example, you could create a network of stalls using temporary partitions.

If the divider is made from pinnable fabric, you can even use the wall to create a visual display for people visiting the stall. 

Eliminate Distractions with Classroom Wall Partitions

Our fabric partitions can be used as a visual barrier while the acoustic fabric surface absorbs soundwaves to minimise reverberation. This makes them a fabulous option for larger rooms that are prone to echoing. 

Polycarbonate partitions can also be used as a visual barrier, but the hard surface is designed to reflect sound rather than absorb it. This may be a better option for rooms where echoing is not a concern.

Set Up School Classroom Stands for Displaying Student Art

Few schools have a dedicated art gallery for displaying student art. But with our fabric dividers for classrooms, you can pin pictures, photos and drawings directly onto the fabric surface of the divider, turning any room into a gallery space. The sturdy, tip-resistant design also means objects can be hung from the panels without the risk of them toppling over.

Classroom Partition Walls: Fast Deliver, Easy Assembly

Dedicated to delivering the high-quality and highly affordable portable room dividers you need to create flexible and efficient learning spaces, our portable room dividers can be used in classrooms, gyms, corridors, and more.

All our classroom dividers are shipped from our factory in Sydney and can be delivered to schools anywhere in New Zealand. Our panels come in a semi-assembled state, saving you money on shipping while ensuring easier and faster delivery (typically within 10 business days). Our dividers are designed to be easy to assemble, even if you have no building experience. Requiring minimal tool use, the walls can typically be put together in just 5-30 minutes.

Need Help Selecting Your Divider?

The team at Portable Partitions is always happy to help with information, advice, and expert recommendations on our product range.

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