Freestanding Acoustic Partitions and Panels NZ

Minimise Sound and Optimise Your Space with Acoustic Partitions NZ

Our acoustic partitions are some of the most versatile partitioning solutions on the market.

With a choice between a clever, telescoping design and 360° articulating hinges for greater flexibility, our partitions stand on either smooth-rolling, lockable wheels or sturdy legs. The partitions are made from lightweight yet durable materials, so virtually anyone can move them into position and lock them in place in moments. This means unmatched freedom to change up your floor plan according to your needs and preferences. 

When not in use, the partitions can be neatly folded up and stored away to open up the room again.

Acoustic Partitions and Freestanding Acoustic Room Dividers

Selecting the Best Soundproof Room Dividers for Your Space

Our partitions are cost-effective, efficient, and highly configurable. But choosing the right partitions to suit your needs will depend on a number of factors, including the space available to you, how you intend to use them, and your acoustic requirements.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Temporary Soundproof Partition Wall

When choosing your acoustic room dividers, there are some questions you first need to ask yourself so you can purchase with confidence. The following questions can help you determine the right material, size, and style of your partitions:

  • How big is the room?
  • What are your acoustic needs (is echoing a problem?)
  • Will the partition require regular cleaning and disinfecting?
  • How often will the partitions need to be moved?

Acoustic Partition Walls: Fabric or Polycarbonate?

You have the option between two materials when choosing your partition: acoustic fabric or fluted polycarbonate. Both offer outstanding acoustic performance but work differently when it comes to managing noise.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is a hard, waterproof, and medical-grade material with sound-reflecting qualities that help prevent noise from making its way to the other side of the partition. This material doesn’t reduce echoing, and may even increase perceived reverberation within the space. 

Acoustic fabric: This is a soft, pinnable material that absorbs sound to help minimise perceived noise and echoing. Acoustic fabric is harder to clean and more prone to staining than a wipeable polycarbonate partition.

Sliding vs Folding Partition Walls

Due to their flexibility and highly configurable design, the vast majority of our customers choose our folding partitions. However, there are some instances where a telescoping partition may be preferable, such as in a small office where there isn’t enough swing room for folding panels to operate.

Freestanding Acoustic Panels NZ

Portable partition with whiteboards dividing a full office

Turn Any Room into a Multi-Purpose Space

Use portable room dividers to divide large, open rooms into dedicated work zones where people can focus on their tasks. After use, the partitions can be neatly folded up and stowed away to open up the room again so you never have to commit to a single layout.

Manage Workplace Noise with Office Acoustic Panels

Our office acoustic partitions can be used to set up quiet zones, private temporary offices, or collaboration areas in office spaces.

Fabric acoustic partitions for offices can be strategically placed throughout the room to act as sound-dampening panels. Alternatively, polycarbonate screens can be used as soundproof office partitions to contain noise so teams can work without impacting the productivity of their peers.

Create Short-Term Private Spaces with Soundproof Temporary Walls

While an open-plan design is a popular option for promoting a collaborative work environment, it often impacts focus, comfort, and privacy. During times when your staff need to work on independent tasks, a partition can be used to set up a temporary acoustic portable room to get away from the rush and hubbub of the general office area.

Turn Fabric Acoustic Office Partitions into Striking Visual Displays

More than just a soundproofing solution, our fabric dividers come fitted with a pinnable material. This means you can pin notes, photos, decorations, and a range of other items directly onto the panel, effectively turning your furniture into a convenient display or notice board.

Direct viewers through the space
Set up vaccination booths

Use Portable Room Dividers in Splash-Prone Areas

A fluted polycarbonate partition is an excellent option for splash-prone areas, such as kitchens or a dining room. Not only is the surface waterproof and stain-resistant, the medical-grade material can also be sprayed and wiped down for easy cleaning.

Why Choose an Acoustic Partitioning Solution?

Offering outstanding acoustic performance and the flexibility of a lightweight, freestanding design, our room dividers and panels are some of the most versatile partition solutions on the market:

  • Quick-assembly: Assemble your panels in just minutes with minimal tool-use and zero building experience required. 
  • Cost-effective: The panels are low-cost and require no expensive or time-consuming installation processes.
  • Flexible: Highly portable and with options for fully articulating hinges, our panels can be positioned in almost any shape.
  • Fuss-free storage: Each panel opens and closes smoothly, so the room divider can be folded up and rolled away for easy storage.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Partitions to Suit Your Needs

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