Medical Screens on Wheels & Medical Privacy Screens

  • Divide any medical space in moments
  • Slide screens between hospital beds for greater patient privacy
  • Set up temporary treatment rooms during busy times
  • Fold the medical screen up and roll it away for easy storage

Medical Dividers on Wheels: High-Quality, Low-Cost Partitioning Solutions

Quick and Reliable

We ship to anywhere in New Zealand and aim to deliver your products within 10 business days

3-Year Warranty

All our products come backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects

Easy to Use

Our screens are lightweight and highly portable for an easy setup without any heavy lifting

No Builders or Permits

The hassle-free assembly process means there’s no need for permits, builders, or costly installation

Versatile and Flexible

Highly configurable and boasting a ‘go-anywhere’ design, our screens are easy to set up, pack down, and store

Safety is Our Priority

Tip-resistant, durable, and with rounded edges on the frames, our screens are some of the safest on the market

Our Most Popular Portable Medical Privacy Screens

Maximise Space at Minimal Cost with a Medical Screen

360 Portable Room Divider Fabric
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
360 Portable Room Divider Polycarbonate
  • 3-panel privacy screen
  • Folds up for convenient storage
  • Option for a wheel-mounted or frame-mounted design
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
Afford-A-Wall Folding Mobile Room Divider (Fabric)
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Both sides of the panels are covered in pinnable, sound-dampening fabric
From $1,305.00
Workstation Office Screen
  • Steel base adds stability
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, move, and store
  • Each panel is 1.78 m tall and 0.84m wide, with a 0.61m acrylic top panel for light passage and visibility
  • Colour Options are Beige, Charcoal, Cloud Grey, Navy Blue, and Red
From $452.60

Why Buy Mobile Medical Screens?

Times of increased illness such as flu season can be devastating to a hospital or medical centre already under the strain of staff shortages and a lack of space.

Helping New Zealand’s healthcare sector provide better and safer medical support to those who need it most, our portable room dividers and mobile medical screens offer the freedom to transform any room in moments while enhancing patient comfort and privacy. Boasting a highly configurable design that can be customised to virtually any space, our lightweight room dividers can easily be slid into position and set up in moments. 

Our polycarbonate screens are made from medical-grade materials that are resistant to stains, splashes, and other contaminants so they can be wiped down and disinfected for easy cleaning. 

After use, all medical privacy screens neatly fold up so it can be tucked away for convenient storage.

Hospital Bedside Screens – Price

Lightweight and cost-effective, our screens require no permits, builders, or costly installation processes. In fact, all our screens can be assembled with no professional building experience and minimal tool-use. This makes them a quick, convenient and budget-friendly partitioning solution for hospitals. 

The optional wheels also allow for a high level of portability, meaning a more versatile design that can be put to a multitude of uses.

Streamlining New Zealand’s Hospitals and Medical Centres

Control outbreaks of disease

Place Hospital Privacy Screens Between Beds

Space comes at a premium in a hospital, meaning many patients end up sharing a room with several other people. This often means less privacy, excessive noise, discomfort, and a less-than ideal healing environment. 

By sliding a privacy screen between each bed, you can offer a little extra privacy and comfort while blocking out disruptive sights and sounds to promote greater healing. 

Create a Temporary Break Room with an Acoustic Medical Partition Screen

Fabric room dividers can be used as a convenient and low-cost solution to providing private break rooms without making permanent alterations to the building. The acoustic fabric offers outstanding sound-dampening properties while also serving as a visual barrier from the rest of the hospital.

Create extra rooms when there’s an influx of patients
Set up vaccination booths

Build Vaccination Station

Many medical centres don’t have a dedicated vaccination area, meaning treatment rooms are often used instead. This can lead to delays for regular checkups and more pressing appointments. 

Rolling into position and folding out in moments, our privacy screens can turn any unused floor space into a temporary vaccination booth.

Fast Shipping, Anywhere in New Zealand

Shipped from our factory in Sydney, our screens will arrive in a semi-assembled state to save you on shipping costs while ensuring a faster and easier delivery. The majority of our screens can be assembled in 5-30 minutes with minimal tool-use and no building experience.

All our screens come backed by a 3-year warranty so you can be confident they’re built to last.

Need Help Selecting Your Hospital Screens or Medical Dividers?

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