Event Room Dividers and Venue Partitions

  • Create private function rooms in moments
  • Improve the acoustics in your event space
  • Pin up party decorations to create a themed room
  • Pack the partitions away when the event is over

Why the Hospitality Industry Chooses Our Portable Dividers for Their Events

Quick and Reliable

We ship to anywhere in New Zealand and aim to deliver your products within 10 working days

3 Year Warranty

All our products come backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects

Easy to Use

Our screens are lightweight and highly portable for an easy setup without any heavy lifting

No Builders or Permits

The hassle-free assembly process means there’s no need for permits, builders, or costly installation

Versatile and Flexible

Highly configurable and boasting a ‘go-anywhere’ design, our screens are easy to set up, pack down, and store

Prioritising Safety

Sturdy, tip-resistant, and with frames featuring rounded edges, our screens are some of the safest on the market

Our Most Popular Event Room Divider Products

Customise Your Venue with Ease

360 Portable Room Divider Fabric
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
360 Portable Room Divider Polycarbonate
  • 3-panel privacy screen
  • Folds up for convenient storage
  • Option for a wheel-mounted or frame-mounted design
  • Medical-grade, easy-to-clean polycarbonate panels
From $1,823.00
Afford-A-Wall Folding Mobile Room Divider (Fabric)
  • Freestanding medical screen on wheels
  • Up to 7.62m in length
  • Flexible, rotating hinges can be configured to almost any shape
  • Both sides of the panels are covered in pinnable, sound-dampening fabric
From $1,305.00
Workstation Office Screen
  • Steel base adds stability
  • Lightweight, easy to fold, move, and store
  • Each panel is 1.78 m tall and 0.84m wide, with a 0.61m acrylic top panel for light passage and visibility
  • Colour Options are Beige, Charcoal, Cloud Grey, Navy Blue, and Red
From $452.60

Why Our Partitions are Loved by Pubs, Clubs, Cafes, and Restaurants Throughout NZ

Hosting private events is a common practice within the hospitality industry. But dedicating a specific room to private events can be a wasteful practice, particularly if you’re operating out of a small space.

With our portable room dividers, you can set up private spaces in moments without having to commit to a permanent layout. The highly configurable design of our dividers also means you can tailor the room to your exact requirements without letting a single foot of space go to waste. Once the event is over, your dividers can then be neatly folded up and rolled away for easy storage, opening up the area once again.

A Cheap and Effective Way of Dividing a Room

Not only do our room dividers maximise space utilisation, they also save you time and money on long construction and installation processes. Opting for a room divider also makes it possible for businesses to host private events, even when operating out of a rented building where permanent alterations may not be permitted.

Wall partitions are lightweight, highly-portable, and tip-resistant, so they’re easy to set up and safe to use, even around roudier crowds.

Maximising Space in Your Establishment

Divide a Large Room into Two Spaces

Our room dividers come in either a telescoping or fully articulating design, with the choice between freestanding or wall-mounted partitions. The option for sturdy wheels also allows the partitions to roll out smoothly when dividing your space.

When no longer needed, freestanding partitions can be rolled away, while our demountable products can be folded up neatly against the wall, ready for future use.

Manage Noise and Reverberation

Depending on your acoustic requirements, you can choose between sound-dampening fabric walls or fluted polycarbonate panels. The fabric walls are designed to absorb sound, making them a fabulous option for minimising echoing in large rooms with a lot of hard surfaces.

Alternatively, our polycarbonate walls offer no sound-dampening properties, but are instead designed to reflect noise, preventing sound from reaching the other side of the partition.

Break up a Room Without the Need for Planning Permission

Our products require no costly installation processes or alterations to the building. Neither our freestanding nor our demountable products require planning permits prior to installation. As they’re not a permanent fixture and can easily removed, our partitions make a particularly good option for rented or heritage-listed buildings

Create a Customisable Noticeboard

Keep patrons notified of upcoming events, or create a themed display by making a customisable noticeboard out of our 3-panel partitions. Our products are designed to be sturdy and tip-resistant so objects can be conveniently hung over the panel, while images, decorations, and flyers can be pinned directly onto the surface of our fabric dividers.

Shipping to Your Door Within Just 10 Business Days

Shipping from our Sydney factory to any location in New Zealand, we aim to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our screens and dividers are delivered in a semi-assembled state for easier and quicker transport at minimal cost to you. Assembly should typically take between 5-30 minutes depending on the product you purchased.

We also offer a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects so you can shop with confidence.

Need Help Choosing the Right Dividers for Your Space?

The team at Portable Partitions are happy to help answer any questions you might have, or make a recommendation based on your specific needs. Contact us today with any queries and we’ll get back to you shortly.