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Create a Network of Office Cubicle Partitions in Moments

Lightweight, portable, and highly adaptable, our office furniture makes it easy to set up a network of office workstations where your teams can work in comfort. Our folding screens feature 360° rotating hinges for a wide variety of configuration options. Alternatively, our sliding screens feature a convenient, telescoping design so they can easily be placed between desks and other furniture to create semi-permanent workstations while retaining the freedom to open up the space in moments.

Our office cubicles are made with either sound dampening fabric or sound reflecting polycarbonate so they offer excellent acoustic performance. 

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Benefits of Using Office Workstation Cubicles

Highly Portable

Lightweight, opening smoothly, and boasting a ‘go-anywhere’ design, our office cubicles can be moved and set up by almost anyone

Ultimate Flexibility


The highly configurable office cubicle design gives you the freedom to set up workstations in offices of every shape and size

No Builder or Permits

Each cubicle is set on sturdy legs or smooth-rolling wheels, for a freestanding design that requires no installation or permanent alterations to the office

Built for Safety

Our office furniture is tip-resistant and comes with patented pinch-free seams as well as rounded edges on the frames

3-Year Warranty

Every product comes backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects

Fast Shipping

Shipping anywhere in New Zealand, we aim to deliver your office cubicles within 10 business days

Why Use Modular Office Furniture?

Different people have different work styles, which is why there can never truly be a ‘one size fits all’ solution to your office layout. With our mobile and flexible workstations, you can set up a multi-zone office that caters to a range of tasks and workstyles to support employee productivity, while still retaining the benefits of an open office design

Creating dedicated workstations around desks also gives a more comfortable and private place for employees to work at their computer, free of distraction. The flexibility of our office furniture also allows you to set up private work areas, collaboration spaces, and meeting rooms without ever committing to a single layout.

As our cubicles are highly configurable, they’re a great option for future-proofing your workplace against shifting staff counts and other changes to your business.

Office Cubicle Workstations: Fabric vs Polycarbonate

Our office cubicles come in two types of material: sound-dampening fabric or sound-reflecting fluted polycarbonate. Both cubicle styles offer outstanding acoustic performance but work differently, so your choice of office furniture will depend on how you want to manage noise in your office.

Acoustic fabric: Our acoustic fabric workstations are made from soft, pinnable material which absorbs sound to minimise noise and reverberation. These office cubicles have an NRC rating of roughly 0.5, though perceived acoustic performance will vary depending on the room. 

Fluted polycarbonate: Polycarbonate cubicles are made from hard, medical grade material that’s designed to reflect sound rather than absorb it. This makes it an excellent option for isolating sound in offices, but it will not reduce echoing within the space

Office Workstations: Fast Delivery, Easy Setup

Shipped from our factory in Sydney and delivered straight to offices anywhere in New Zealand, our cubicle office furniture should arrive within just 10 business days. 

To save you money on shipping costs and ensure that your office furniture arrives quickly and without damage, office cubicles are sent in a semi-assembled state. Assembly of our office furniture systems should take just 5-30 minutes, depending on the style, and requires no building experience and minimal tool-use. 

All our office furniture comes backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects so you can shop with confidence, knowing your office cubicles are built to last.

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