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Internal Screen Room Divider NZ: Customise Your Space with Ease

Easy to store, simple to set up, and highly configurable, our room divider screens are designed to be the simple and cost-effective solution to dividing up your space. 

Featuring 360° articulating hinges so you can create rooms of virtually any shape, our folding screens are made from lightweight materials and come set on either sturdy legs or lockable wheels so they can be positioned and locked into place in moments. The foldable design of our collapsible room dividers also means they can be neatly packed down and stowed away when not in use so you can free up valuable floor space whenever you need it.

Folding Partition Wall Solutions NZ

How to Choose the Right Folding Room Divider

Our products are designed for ultimate versatility and functionality, but choosing the right room divider will require careful consideration of your needs, goals, and the space available to you. 

Key Considerations When Purchasing Collapsible Room Dividers

Here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure that you purchase the right panel room divider to suit your needs:

  • What will you use it for?
  • How portable does it need to be?
  • Are you looking for a short partition or a taller wall?
  • What are your acoustic requirements?
  • How big is the room?
  • Will the wall be used in a splash-prone area?

Fabric vs Polycarbonate

All our products offer outstanding acoustic performance, making them a clever and convenient solution for managing noise. Our partitions come in two styles: acoustic fabric or fluted polycarbonate: 

Acoustic fabric: With an NRC rating of approximately 0.5, our acoustic fabric screens are made from soft, pinnable fabric which absorbs sound to minimise perceived noise and echoing. 

Fluted polycarbonate: Made from waterproof, medical-grade polycarbonate, these folding screen room dividers reflect noise, making them a great option for isolating sound. However, it’s important to note that polycarbonate doesn’t reduce reverberation, and may even increase perceived echoing in the room. 

Ideas for How You Can Use Folding Room Partitions

coloured polycarbonate portable room divider creating a meeting room in office

Enhance Privacy in the Workplace with a Folding Divider Screen

Creating a little extra division between workspaces, a freestanding room divider is a fabulous option for offering privacy in the office while minimising sources of distraction. Room dividers can be slid between desks, or even used to create a temporary space for independent tasks that require a lot of focus.

Improve the Acoustics in Large Spaces

Large rooms, particularly those with a lot of hard surfaces, can have an amplifying effect on sound. Strategically placing soft, sound-absorbing surfaces around the room can help dampen the noise to create a quieter and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Switch Up Your Layout at Any Time

Enjoy the benefits of an open plan layout while minimising its drawbacks with a freestanding room divider screen. Boasting a versatile and flexible design, our screens allow you to create work zones, meeting rooms, and even a network of cubicles in moments without forcing you to commit to any single layout

Fold it Up When Not in Use

After use, a fold away room divider can be packed up, locked closed, and then rolled away for convenient storage. This means you can enjoy the ability to customise without sacrificing a lot of room to storing the divider when it’s not needed.

Direct viewers through the space

What Makes Our Folding Screen Dividers Different?

As our screens come mounted on legs or wheels, it’s important to note that they can’t deliver the same sound isolating properties or floor-to-ceiling coverage as fixed or ceiling-mounted partitions.

However, it’s this unique go-anywhere design that makes our screen room divider solutions so versatile:

  • Low-cost: Save money on costly and time-consuming installation processes.
  • Quick-assembly: With minimal tool use and no building experience required, screens can be assembled in just 5-30 minutes.
  • Flexible: The screens feature 360° articulating hinges for endless configuration options.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport: Almost anyone can move and set up these products in just moments.
  • Customisation options: Choose from a wide range of colours, materials, sizes, and styles to match your needs and preferences.

Find the Right Foldable Room Dividers to Suit Your Needs

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