360 Degree Acoustic Room Divider Wall-Mountable (Fabric)

$1,823.00$3,844.00 exc. GST

Semi-permanent folding room divider with wall-mounting feature.

  • Acoustic wall-mountable room divider that helps you maximize the use of your current space.
  • Available in four lengths 2.59m / 4.27m / 5.94m / 7.62m and three heights 1.83m / 2.02m /2.31m.
  • Choose from seven different fabric colours – Beige, Black, Charcoal, Cloud Grey, Navy Blue, Red and Green.
  • This semi-permanent room divider allows for maximum sturdiness.
  • Simple wall mounting bracket that can be assembled within a few minutes.
  • Features a full panel end member, which increases acoustical properties by trapping sound add ensure maximum room divider partition stability. This feature also eliminates any tripping hazard.
  • A second detached end-member is also supplied should you with to de-mount the room divider from the wall and use as a standard mobile room divider. Simply wheel into another room for use elsewhere.
  • Non-marking, low profile casters provide low clearance, meaning additional noise reduction and a lower centre of gravity for extra stability.
  • Fully lockable 3 inch wheels are included on the full panel end members to lock and hold the partition in position once set-up
  • Velcro unit-to-unit connectors to join multiple units together to form longer lengths of room divider
  • Includes a unique transportation lock to hold it in the folded position while moving the room divider from location to location.
  • The stability of room divider allows for hanging objects such as artwork, signage photos etc. Whiteboards can also be easily hung from the partition via simple optional hooks mounted along the top rail track of the panels
  • Accessories such as light Flat Screen TV’s and other presentation devices can also be attached via mounting brackets

If you prefer this divider with an acoustic polycarbonate finish for improved waterproofing and cleaning attributes, check out our 360 Acoustic Room Divider Wall-Mountable (Polycarbonate)

For a non wall-mountable version of the room divider, check out our 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider  (Fabric) or 360 Acoustic Portable Room Divider (Polycarbonate)

Download 3 Panel Assembly Instructions

Download 5 Panel Assembly Instructions

Download 7 Panel Assembly Instructions

Download 9 Panel Assembly Instructions

Multiple Configurations

360 degree articulating hinges allow full rotation of each panel to allow easy manipulation and infinite configurations including zig-zag, L-shape, curved and straight line.

Sound Dampening

Engineered acoustic panels manufactured from a honeycomb cell core, fibreglass sheets on both sides and specialist acoustic fabric for superior acoustic performance.

Tackable Surface

Fully tackable surface accept pins and Velcro for posting artwork or signage allowing you to create your own mobile gallery or display board.


Mix and match fabric colours and finishes (fabric and polycarbonate) to create your own unique product. Company logos and artwork can also be printed directly onto panels.

Easy Storage

When not in use, collapses down to 85cm x 85cm footprint and stored against wall.

Safety First

Our no-pinch seams between each panel also reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched. Extra divider stability is created via full panel end member.

Simple Assemble

Ships ships semi assembled. Simply unbox, roll into place and attach to wall via support bracket (supplied).

Manufactured in Australia

Manufactured and assembled in our Sydney factory ensuring the highest quality.

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Beige, Black, Charcoal, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Cloud Gray