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Transform Any Room in Moments with Freestanding Room Divider Screens

The leaders in versatile and flexible partition solutions, our portable partitions are completely self-supporting, meaning there’s no additional hardware required and no need to attach them to a wall or ceiling. This means they can be positioned anywhere, while the 360° articulating hinges allow the room partition to be configured to virtually any space.

Our products come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, and boast excellent acoustic performance.

Room Divider Products for Sale

Which Freestanding Room Partitions are Right for You?

Every business, school, or office is different, so the perfect portable partition will depend on your needs and unique situation. To help you make the right choice, there are several key factors to consider.

Key Considerations Before Buying Your Wall Dividers

  • Acoustics: Is echoing a problem in your space?
  • Size: How much room does the screen need to cover?
  • Cleaning: Is regular cleaning and disinfection a priority?
  • Location: Will the wall be used in a splash-prone area?

Asking yourself these important questions can help you determine the perfect material, size, height, and style of your mobile wall. 

Acoustic Fabric or Polycarbonate Room Dividers?

While both our fabric and polycarbonate products offer outstanding acoustic performance, they both control noise in different ways. 

Acoustic fabric: Made from soft, pinnable fabric which absorbs sound to manage perceived noise and echoing, our fabric wall products boast an NRC rating of approximately 0.5.

Polycarbonate: Reflecting sound rather than absorbing it, polycarbonate does not reduce reverberation in the room but instead helps prevent noise from passing through to the other side of the panel. 

Cheap Yet Effective Room Divider Solutions

Office Partitions Dividers

Create a More Private and Comfortable Work Environment

Acting as a dividing wall to block the view between desks, employees can enjoy greater privacy and less distractions as they work. You can even use partitions to set up temporary work spaces away from the rush and noise of shared spaces.

Maximise Space with a Small Room Divider

Working out of a small building often means trying to squeeze as much value out of every foot of space. With the aid of a dividing wall, you can adapt the layout of the room at any time, ensuring that your space is always tailored to suit your exact needs. Screens can also help people enjoy a little more privacy, even when working closely together in a small office.

Block access to staff-only areas

Use as Wipeable Barriers

Enjoy the benefits of an open plan layout while minimising its drawbacks with a freestanding room divider screen. Boasting a versatile and flexible design, our screens allow you to create work zones, meeting rooms, and even a network of cubicles in moments without forcing you to commit to any single layout

Why Buy Freestanding Partitions?

Due to their flexible and highly portable design, the panels can’t offer the same floor-to-ceiling coverage or sound isolating properties as a fixed partition or ceiling-mounted solution. Instead, our products aim to give you the best of both worlds: ultimate flexibility paired with the acoustic benefits of a freestanding partition.

  • Save money: No costly or time-consuming installation required.
  • Quick assembly: Assemble the panels in just 5-30 minutes, depending on the style you purchase.
  • Flexibility: 360° rotating hinges allow for a range of configuration options.
  • Easy to transport: Manufactured out of lightweight materials and boasting a neatly folding design, our screens come complete with a travel lock for easy transport and storage.
  • Fast shipping: Sent from our Sydney factory to any location in New Zealand, we aim to deliver your screens within 10 business days.
  • Warranty: All our furniture comes backed by a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship defects.

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