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Portable Acoustic Panels and Soundproof Room Dividers

Maximise Space Utility with Acoustic Room Dividers

At the office, in the classroom, and even in medical centres, portable, 3-panel screens can be used in almost any space and industry.

Our products are made with either acoustic fabric or fluted polycarbonate panels, and come mounted on smooth-rolling wheels or sturdy legs. Boasting a lightweight but durable aluminium frame, the panels are highly portable and easy to set up without the need for heavy-lifting or a team of operators. 

Our Most Popular Freestanding Acoustic Room Dividers and Screens

Selecting the Right Portable Soundproof Panels

Unfolding in moments and locking into position with ease, our freestanding acoustic panels are a low-cost, efficient, and highly versatile option for dividing up your space. Our flexible folding panels feature fully articulating hinges so they can be arranged into virtually any configuration. Alternatively, you can choose our simple, telescoping panels for those times when all you need is a small, straight wall. 

Key Considerations Before Choosing Your Freestanding Acoustic Panels

Before selecting a portable acoustic panel system, here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is echoing a problem in the room?
  • How portable do the panels need to be? Will they be moved regularly?
  • How much space is available? Is there enough room for the panels to fold?
  • Do you have any specific cleaning and hygiene requirements?

Portable Soundproof Walls: Fabric vs Polycarbonate

Due to their freestanding design, our panels can’t offer the same floor-to-ceiling coverage or sound isolating properties as permanent walls or ceiling-mounted partitions. However, they’re one of the most versatile and flexible products on the market that still offers outstanding acoustic performance. 

Our fabric panels are designed to absorb sound, reducing perceived noise and echoing. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, won’t reduce echoing but instead offers sound reflecting properties to contain internal noise while blocking external noise.

When to Use Fabric Soundproof Room Partitions

Our fabric acoustic panels have an NRC value of approximately 0.5, but because sound travels through the air, the total perceived noise reduction will vary depending on the room. 

Fabric panels are best used when: 

  • Both noise and echoing are a concern
  • A pinnable surface is required
  • The panels will not be subjected to regular splashes or stains

When to Use Polycarbonate Soundproofing Room Dividers

Polycarbonate is a hard, waterproof surface that’s easy to clean and wipe down. It’s designed to reflect sound but won’t minimise reverberation in the room. In fact, these portable soundproof room dividers may even increase perceived echoing in a room as sound bounces off the hard surface of the panels.

Polycarbonate is most suitable when:

  • Echoing isn’t an issue so no sound-dampening qualities are required
  • Hygiene and regular cleaning are a priority, such as in the medical and hospitality industries
  • A medical-grade material is necessary
  • Soiling, splashing, and other contaminants are expected

Folding vs Sliding Soundproof Room Dividers

Our portable folding panels are our most popular products because they offer greater flexibility and near endless configuration options. However, our telescoping acoustic panels can be a great choice for smaller spaces where there’s not enough ‘swing room’ for folding acoustic panels to operate. 

Soundproof Room Divider Ideas

Use Portable Soundproof Walls as Noise Reducing Room Dividers

A large, open room with a lot of hard surfaces can amplify and reflect sound. Our fabric panels can help limit echoing by absorbing soundwaves and preventing them from bouncing around the room.

An Inexpensive Option for Dividing Up Space

Permanent rooms and dividers limit your ability to customise your space, and are also expensive and time-consuming to install. Our freestanding panels offer a low-cost and highly versatile solution to breaking up space in any room.

Soundproof Room Divider Panels Support Workplace Productivity

A busy work environment can be disruptive to even your most dedicated staff members, making it difficult for teams to focus on their work. Our panels can help minimise distracting sights and sounds while offering a little extra privacy to support employee productivity and comfort.

Create Learning Spaces with Temporary Soundproof Partition Walls

Learning can be difficult and downright stressful for students in noisy and busy environments. Our panels can help block the view while also improving the acoustics of the room to support learning and information retention.

Control outbreaks of disease

Suitable for ‘Wet’ Areas Where Hygiene is Crucial

Our fluted polycarbonate panels are made from medical-grade materials that can easily be sprayed and wiped down for cleaning. They’re also waterproof and stain-resistant so they’ll stay looking their fabulous best for many years to come. This makes them an ideal option for the medical and hospitality sectors.

The Portable Partitions Difference

Portable, lightweight, and low-cost, our mobile acoustic panels are some of the most versatile and convenient partitioning solutions on the market: 

  • Easy to assemble: You can assemble your own panels in just minutes with minimal tool-use and no building experience required
  • Inexpensive: Not only do you save money on the panels themselves, you also save money on long, expensive installation processes
  • Flexible: Highly configurable and boasting a ‘go-anywhere’ design, we also offer a range of customisation options so you can tailor your panels to your exact needs and preferences
  • Fast set-up: Virtually anyone can roll the panels into position and set them up in moments without any heavy lifting
  • Simple storage: After use, simply fold the panels back up and store the partition away to free up space

Need Help Choosing the Right Products to Suit Your Needs?

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